Salt Lake City Children's Network

Working to improve the future of our children

About Us

The Salt Lake City Children's Network is a local, community-driven organization with a strong dedication to the well-being of our community's children.


We welcome new members to join us in advocating for children's best interests in terms of health, education, and policy reform. We believe that it is the responsibility of all parents and guardians to give their children a voice in the community and encourage them to take an active role in local, state, and national government. We also provide readily available and timely information on policy reform that directly and indirectly impacts our nation's children.

SLCCN members are encouraged to use the information and resources provided to assist in enacting change for the benefit of those without a voice. Staying up to date on policy changes, participating in petitions, and writing letters to congress in support of children's rights and best interests are all great ways to stay involved.

To get involved today, please contact for more details and information.

Monthly Meet-ups

Join our community leaders on the second Tuesday of each month to learn what our organization is championing and how you can get involved. During the meet-ups, there is also time set aside for community members to bring new and evolving issues to the attention of the group. Panel discussions and questions and answer session with community leaders and guests may also take place during these times.

Our Community Leaders

Megan Bradley, Founder

Thomas Stern, Co-Founder

Barbara Lincoln, Advisor

Tracy Edward, Community Outreach Advisor

Michael Smith, Community Coordinator

Special thanks to the following for making this important work possible within our community:

Kathy and Denise Collins

Michael and Claire Jenkins

Linda Sanchez

Wyatt Williamson

The parents, teachers, and staff of the larger SLC school system