Salt Lake City Children's Network

Working to improve the future of our children


Attention Families in the Greater Salt Lake City Area: Get the latest on policies, petitions, and political movements relevant to your family and children now!

The Salt Lake City Children's Network is an organization dedicated to providing local families the information and materials they need to make informed decisions regarding their children and the well-being of their family.

We believe in the family, in the community, and in the importance of reliable information related to the children within our community.

We believe that being an informed parent or guardian is the best way to advocate for and make important decisions regarding the children in our care, and to that end, we work to offer reliable and timely information specific to child-centric topics, policies, petitions, and political movements.

It's time to step up and speak out in support of all Salt Lake City families and children, and we encourage all parents to take an active role in the political landscape that will directly impact their children in both the immediate future and the long-term. No matter how old your children are, involvement is the key to effective policy-making.

Family Healthcare

Healthy children and families are the backbone of our Salt Lake City community. When our children and families are healthy, we as a whole are healthier and more engaged, able to contribute within our community and enact positive change. Policies and proposals related to family healthcare, especially for families covered under a subsidized healthcare programs, directly impact the care that children may be eligible for. Understanding the nuances and implications of family health policy changes and legislation, and the available benefits is critical in ensuring that your family is properly covered now and in the future.

Education Reform

Education reform may immediately and directly impact your family. Policies and changes related to our public education system, including common core, change not only what our children learn, but how they learn it. Taking an active role in your child's education is critical to their success.

Community Matters

The neighborhoods and communities within Salt Lake City and the families they serve are the heart of city. Becoming involved in local policy-making is the most direct way to change and improve the communities we call home. Policy matters regarding public safety, land and resource allocation, and budgets are of great importance, as they all have an impact on our community and our children.

Get Involved and Make Yourself Heard

Becoming better informed and more active in local policies and decision-making in the Salt Lake City community is the first step in advocating for the best interests of our children. Once you have an understanding of the nuances of policy-making and the reach that those policies have, voice your opinion, concerns, and support within the community.

Through community education and involvement, Salt Lake City children and families can build the future deserved by our youth.